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ATOMIC SWING(1992-1997)*(2006-)

(photo:Jeanette Andersson)

In Sweden, their first single "Stone Me Into The Groove" was released in September 1992. It was their debut and got into hit chart, found their way to the top. The 2nd single "Smile" got No.1 as well, then the first album"A Car Crash In The Blue" was released. Of course such a big hit and given some awards, such as gold disc. In Japan, the imported album was getting popular among rock fan from the summer 1993, Japanese version was released on 22nd December 1993.

After that they released 3 albums for 4 years. They also took Japan tour 3 times but they split up on the last tour in Japan, it was May 1997.

However in 2006, they comeback after 9 years!!!

10th of May 2006, they released the new album called "The Broken Habanas" in Scandinavia. Then, 28th of November 2007, released the Japanese version from Strange Days Records.

Their music, sounds like influenced by the latter sixties rock(when they were born), makes us remember something like old dream longingly. The scale is boldly up and down, dramatic, sentimental, melodious, the play is rough and delicate, the melody is violent, painful, embarrassing. Some press said "Just an adaptation" but it's sure the greatness of music was behind generations.

According to this, Swedish pop is so popular in Japan now. It was nothing without ATOMIC SWING even though their music is not Swedish pop. (Now Swedish pop is more famous than ATOMIC SWING in Japan.) This fact isn't known so much.

*Check out Wikipedia

(Photos taken by Niklas Nilsson)

Niclas Frisk

Frontman and founder of the band. All lyrics and music, guitarist and singer and producer. Brilliant composer, good producer, great guitarist, wonderful singer!!

Born on 14th February 1969 in Mora, Sweden.
Started playing guitar 7 years old (KISS etc). When he was 11, his mother gave a guitar and an amp to him. Then he went to guitar lesson in the town with a cotton guitar case which was made by his mother and started to play in his band,"Heavy Thunder".(*)

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The band made the first public appearance at the Kapprock One Day Festival 1983 April 13th in his hometown Mora. Public was stunned after the first chord!

Moved to Stockholm when he was 18, in 1988, he became a guitarist of a Swedish folk group called Perssons Pack, released 2 albums. In 1991, left the group because he wanted to play his own songs so he formed ATOMIC SWING. Loves playing Gibson SG and firebird, VOX amp AC30..etc.

Outside ATOMIC SWING, he has been working as a producer and a songwriter and a guitar player for many famous Swedish musicians and movies, commercials, etc..(See this page) Such a faithful and artless genius.

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Check out more info : Niclas Frisk's Chinatown on Facebook.

Micke Lohse

Keyboard player and backing vocals. Vegetarian. Born on 14th February 1968(Yes, Niclas and Micke's birthday is the same day). During he was in the band before, his looks had changed so much(got slim...)

After ATOMIC SWING he formed a band called The Kooks.He made songs and singing, playing guitar!

After reunion, he also works as the solo project called "Micke from Sweden", and works with his wife at a cool jewellery shop in Stockholm as well.

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Henrik Berglund

Drummer. Able to sleep anywhere. Born on 13th November 1967. Because of the good looking, he got a lot of Japanese girls fan.

Played with Micke in The Kooks.

Petter Orwin

Bass player untill recording "fluff". I had been writing here "The (phantom) bass player, nobody knows after that but he was such a wonderful player so that's regrettable." But he has been back since 2006!! How wonderfull!!

Born and raised in Orsa, nearby Niclas hometown Mora.(*)

Anders Paulsson

The next bass player. Niclas let him be in the band cause he was similar to Jon Voight from "Midnight Cowboy" but he played just "fluff" and Japan tour...

(*) Special thanks to Metal Guru for additional informations!! Also the pic from newspaper was provided by him.(added 2013 April)

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